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Tell a Story and Add Immersive Planning

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In this module we are going to look at an alternative way of thinking about environmental change.  It is another tool to move the group toward alternative space planning.  We are first going to explore the work of Doreen Massey, her thoughts on the multiplicity of space and how we are blinded by focusing on your single slice of time and function within a space.  In what should appeal to all librarians, Massey talks about space as “a story, a narrative” that is continually being written. 

We will also explore an “Immersive Planning” concept that Knoll Furniture has introduced into office and university space planning.  The concept works equally as well in the school library environment but is currently not being leverage there.  The process recognizes that space boundaries are becoming unclear because of the way users want to work.  Defining a space with a single purpose has lost its functionality in today’s world, or as Massey states space is a “multiplicity of trajectories”.