Thermal-Fluid Systems

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This course deals with the transfer of work, energy, and material via gases and liquids. These fluids may undergo changes in temperature, pressure, density, and chemical composition during the transfer process and may act on or be acted on by external systems. Engineers must fully understand these processes in order to analyze, troubleshoot, or improve existing processes and/or innovate and design new ones. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to: Interpret and use scientific notation and engineering units for the description of fluid flow and energy transfer; Interpret measurements of thermodynamic quantities for description of fluid flow and energy transfer; Use concepts of continuum fluid dynamics to interpret physical situations; Determine the interrelationship of variables in pumping and piping operations; Analyze heat-exchanger performance and understand design considerations; Apply thermodynamics to the analysis of energy conversion and cooling/heating situations; Communicate technical information in written and graphical form. (Mechanical Engineering 303)