Lianne HIDOE on Aug 29, 02:42am

This site has tons of worksheets for a variety of grade levels. The base 10 worksheets are confusing because the ones are connected together... This will confuse first graders. These worksheets are very abstract and should be used only if children have a strong idea of the concept.

A HIDOE on Aug 29, 02:14am

Mr. Martini's Classroom Math Worksheets are a collection of math practice worksheets that serve a range of grade levels. For Grade one teachers this collection of worksheet can be linked to CCSS.Math.1.NBT.C.4

If you are looking for a range of practice addition worksheets to practice adding within 100, this resource provides a variety of practice worksheets.

Since this was meant only to practice math problems, it may turn into very rote type of exercise. But if you are looking for just practicing, worksheets are created for you.
To make this resource more aligned to benchmark you will need to discuss or guide students to use strategies to solve problems. Discussing how problems were solved and if students are asked to share thinking and strategies would make practice more meaningful for students.