EK HIDOE on Jul 11, 05:12pm

This resources aligns to CCSS-M 3.OA.4, although it also addresses the content of 3.OA.1 and 3.OA.3 depending on how this resource is used by the teacher in meeting the needs of the students. This lesson integrates music with mathematics. It combines exposing students to beats and measures with reference to 3 related whole numbers using either multiplication and/or division. A strength of this resource is the open-ended nature of how related numbers are generated and encourages students to learn within the context of music. This lesson promotes a more hands-on approach to understanding multiplication and/or division especially for those students who struggle with the numeric, rote memorization of multiplication facts. Since this lesson is more music focused than mathematics, it requires the teacher to expand on deeper conceptual understanding versus relying on the lesson to guide the instruction.