1st Grade-Act. 07: Seven Fat Cats

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Arts and Humanities, Speaking and Listening
Utah Education Network
Lower Primary
Grade 1
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Lesson Plan
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While reading the story "Seven Fat Cats", students will listen and match the sounds (rhyming, beginning, ending, and vowel.)


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on Apr 04, 11:56pm Evaluation

Quality of Technological Interactivity: Superior (3)

I love that you have incorporated counters in this lesson plan! Great example of an manipulative to help the students learn!

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on Apr 04, 11:56pm Evaluation

Quality of Assessments: Limited (1)

At the beginning of the lesson plan it has a section that is titled "invitation to learn" however it does not fully activate the students background knowledge. Is it possible to ask more questions about what the students know regarding cats before beginning the story?

Account deleted on Dec 16, 05:26am

My class enjoyed this story very much..its intresting..children are take more intrest these type of funny story

wang li on Nov 24, 05:31am

yes,this story very funny.

Scott Kipp on Jun 24, 02:46pm

Requires acquisition of the storybook in reference, Seven Fat Cats by Joy Cowley.

Ashley pedrotti on Apr 09, 04:08pm

I enjoyed this lesson and would use it in my own classroom. I think if the story "7 Fat Cats" was made into a youtube video it would be more effective. This way the students would not have to listen to thier teacher read, but could listen to someone else read. I had to go to my local library to find the book "7 Fat Cats". It would be nice if the book was available online somewhere, but obviously that is up to the author. Great job!