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Junior Solar Sprint and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Competitions
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The National Renewable Energy Laboratory hosts the U.S. Department of Energy's Junior Solar Sprint/Hydrogen Fuel Cell (JSS/HFC) Car Competitions. Middle School teams from all over the Colorado Region participate in this fun, educational and exciting event. Teams work together building solar and/or hydrogen fuel cell cars with guidance from a parent or teacher coach to compete in race and design categories. A "Spirit Award" is also presented to the team recognized for good sportsmanship. Building of solar and hydrogen fuel cell cars for the JSS/HFC car competitions require skills in both math and science. The primary goals of the JSS/HFC program, is to generate enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills at a crucial stage in the development of young people. The competition also helps improve students' understanding of scientific concepts and renewable energy technologies; and encourages young people to consider technical careers at an early age.

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