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The Golden Gate Bridge: From U.S. History to Physics

Our goal was to create a unit that explores all aspects of the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge from its conception to the present. The unit explores such things as first-hand stories from the men who devoted years of their lives to the bridge, and the science that has made the bridge such an enduring part of the Pacific Coastline. Students will perform research online as well as study articles written when the bridge was built. They will read about the engineers who are seismically retrofitting the bridge, and in a lab setting they will test the strength of cables made from copper and bicycle wire. By the close of the unit, students should understand the interconnectedness of the world that we live in, especially through the eyes of a historian and a physicist.

Arts and Humanities
U.S. History
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Lesson Plan
Tufts University
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The Wright Center for Innovative Science Education
Beth C. Pelland
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