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Digital Storytelling Multimedia Archive
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Digital stories are multimedia-authoring projects combining texts, images, and audio files into a short film clip (mostly 3-5 minutes). In recent years, digital storytelling has turned college and university classrooms into spaces of creative critical production. Digital stories have proven to be a powerful medium for students to represent a theoretically-informed understanding of texts and contexts in a form other than “traditional” writing. This multimedia archive on digital storytelling provides: A “research section” that addresses questions around digital storytelling and student learning in three major sections: Multimedia Distinctive, Social Pedagogy, Affective Learning; A grid as an alternative, condensed representation of our findings from this project; Video interviews with students and faculty as well as student produced digital stories.

Arts and Humanities
Film and Music Production
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Teaching/Learning Strategy
Georgetown University
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Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship
Michael Coventry and Matthias Oppermann
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