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Astrobio AfterSchool
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Most of the activities and concepts presented in this Instructor’s Guide are based on
“Astrobiology, An Integrated Science Approach,” a high-school textbook developed by
TERC and published by Ambit Press, Cambridge, MA. This guide has been designed
to meet students’ after-school need for recreation and physical activity, as well as
intellectual challenges and cooperative play. Many of its activities require participants to
work in groups and in different settings like hallways, the gym, the schoolyard and fields.
Activities vary in their nature and focus. They may have strong components of math and
astronomy or require teamwork and engineering skills. The Table of Contents section
below explains those teaching components through graphic icons.
This guide is divided into four main units, each containing six or seven activities that
can last 30 to 60 minutes. Each activity is described for the instructor with two or three
concept points, materials, preparation, presentation and directions for implementing the
activity and a closing section or extensions.
A worksheet where participants write down observations or follow directions to an activity
accompanies each activity description.
Additional resources for some activities can be found in the Resources section of this
guide. Some activities have additional resources that will be referenced as required in the
activity description.

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