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The Joy of Economics:  Making Sense out of Life
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My goal is to provide an accessible book that reflects this theme ...

My goal is to provide an accessible book that reflects this theme of choice and conveys a sense of the breadth and power of basic economic analysis. It assumes no prior knowledge of economics and can be read and appreciated by anyone. While some parts of the book cover conventional material, others do not. I've ignored many traditional topics and substituted ones that apply economics in unusual and often provocative ways. The chapters are not meant to be definitive, they are meant to raise questions. If they do not make you think or ruffle an occasional feather, I have failed.
Most chapters use a story-telling approach that has served me well in the classroom. I am accustomed to a tough audience. Every semester I stare into the fresh faces of college students who would rather be at the beach, students who challenge me to make them care. I use stories to grab their attention, to show how economics affects their everyday life, and to give them a new and deeper appreciation of what drives their behavior.

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Robert J. Stonebraker