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  • University of Santiago de Copostela Metrology World League
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The University of Santiago de Compostela is organizing the D3MOBILE METROLOGY WORLD LEAGUE (, an International Championship in 3D Precision Modeling on mobile phones aimed at strengthening the scientific vocation of 15-18 year old students around the world. The main objective of D3MOBILE is to disseminate importance of metrology, offering participants to develop 3D accuracy virtual models with a mobile phone. The championship winner will be the team that gets better results in measurements of an object. This is a worldwide pioneering initiative and it is sponsored by various public and private entities in science, technology and government, both Spanish and foreign.
The main objectives of the Championship will be the simulation and stimulation of students’ research capacity in order to encourage their reflecting upon its importance when it comes to solving our environment’s problems and on the importance of decision making based on the analysis of the results obtained in an experimental process. Furthermore, the exercises proposed in this Championship encourage the educational use of the Internet and learning various technical computer programs which students might find useful for their future work. English, the language used in some of the programs, will constitute a further challenge and at the same time advancement in self-training.

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University of Santiago de Copostela
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