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Torricelli’s Law -- Modeling with Differential Equations and Data Collection
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In this Modeling Scenario we help students develop a model (Torricelli's Law) ...

In this Modeling Scenario we help students develop a model (Torricelli's Law) for the height of a falling column of water with a small hole in the container at the bottom of the column of water through which water exits the column. We offer several sources of simulations on YouTube from which one can collect data and ask students to verify their model through parameter estimation.

This is an example of the type of resources which is freely and openly available under the most generous Creative Commons License at SIMIODE - Systemic Initiative for Modeling Investigations and Opportunities with Differential Equations. SIMIODE is about teaching differential equations using modeling and technology upfront and throughout the learning process. You can learn more at our dynamic website, where we offer a community in which colleagues can communicate, collaborate, publish, teach, explore, contribute, etc.

Everything is FREE at SIMIODE.SIMIODE is all about helping faculty to teach differential equations through modeling and technology and we are building a community of resources and support for that purpose. Come join us as faculty and as students. All is FREE. We are building a complete environment for teachers and learners – communication, groups across and intra/inter campus projects for students and teachers, models, data, and videos. For the latter see our YouTube videos on our YouTube Channel for SIMIODE.

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