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MedyMyst: Malady in Mabuufo, students learn about malaria, the history of malaria research, and disease vectors.
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This is a problem-based learning adventure game that engages the player in the role of scientist, historian, and detective. At the beginning, the student is presented with a problem that must be solved. During the mission, students conduct field and laboratory investigations with the aid of the MedMyst characters. This mission can be played within one class period (approximately 30 to 45 minutes) and the knowledge gained from this mission will help students understand how infectious diseases are spread. This mission covers vectors, malaria, history of malaria, and immune system. Each mission is a self-contained problem and may be played without reliance on the other missions. Also available in Spanish.

Health, Medicine and Nursing
Life Science
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Rice Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning
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Web Adventures: Explore Science One Game at a Time
Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning
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