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Andreas Vesalivs: De Humani Corporis Fabrica
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This site presents Andreas Vesalius' anatomical atlas, On the Fabric of the Human Body (1543, 1555) in a new way and explains this effort to translate and annotate it. Never before completely translated into English, Vesalius' account of human anatomy transformed its subject and changed medical education in the West.

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Northwestern University
Bug Hunt

“Bug Hunt” uses NetLogo software and simulates an insect population that is preyed on by birds. There are six speeds of bugs from slow to fast and the bird tries to catch as many insects as possible in a certain amount of time. Students are able to see the results graphed as the average insect speed over time, the current bug population and the number of insects caught. There are two variations to try for the predator, one where the predator pursues the prey and one where the predator stays still and captures insects that pass nearby. In the first case the “bird” catches the slow insects and the faster ones survive, reproduce and pass genes on. The average speed of bug should increase over time. In the second case the faster bugs come near to the bird more often than the slow ones. The slow ones survive more, reproduce and pass their genes on.

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National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)
Northwestern University
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