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Grade 12 Language Arts
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If you are reading this then the chances are pretty good that you are taking this course to wrap up your requirements for English/Language Arts. I know what that's like. In your efforts to complete everything you have to do in order to graduate you may have a tendency to rush to finish things on time. Every effort has been made to make this an enjoyable experience for you. Each unit will provide you with some information about the skills that you are expected to master in addition to why those skills are important as you transition out of high school and into whatever life may have in store for you.
Beyond an appreciation for the texts and concepts presented in this class you will see why the skills that you develop will be applicable to life outside of school. You may wonder initially how some of the materials fit into your plans, but the ability to read things critically and analyze information will help you to become a better decision maker and to see how some of these common themes are ones that humanity has struggled with for as long as people have shared information and entertained each other.

English Language Arts
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MN Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum
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