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Beginner ESL for Adult Learners
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This site hosts two beginner adult ESL courses offered by Grossmont Community College: ESL 078 (with focus on listening fluency) and ESL 078R (with focus on reading proficiency). Each container offers materials for the first 2-4 (or more) weeks of the courses. The timing depends on the pace of a low-beginner class. Some classes may go faster and take 2 weeks, and some may need to go slower and may take up to 4 weeks.

The units that are offered are mostly for the instructor of the courses. This is because the teacher must lead the course with aural and verbal comprehension checks. At this level, students have very limited ability to communicate in any meaningful way, so the materials provide guidance to the teacher leading these courses.

The materials include videos, slideshows, vocabulary sheets, readings (such as original stories), teacher scripts, and simple assessments.

The materials are based on the principles that underlie contemporary language teaching in the area of Second Language Acquisition. The proficiency based approaches that have been used to create these materials are CI (comprehensible Input) and TPRS (Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Story-Telling).

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