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Elder Literacy Initiative
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This curriculum was developed for volunteers working 1:1 with pre-literate ESL students. All materials are ready-made and available digitally through dropbox or google drive. This curriculum is organized by 13 instructional themes that are relevant and authentic to adults of any age, with a special focus on learners who are 65+. The curriculum guidelines are informed by Massachusetts ABE Basic Literacy Standards, training materials from the Minnesota Literacy Council, and Transitions Integration Framework. The materials are easy to use with pre-literate learners 1:1, in small groups, or in classroom settings. All activities are leveled and include detailed instructions, tips, and extension ideas.

This curriculum can be adapted and edited to suit your community. For more information, please visit .

Arts and Humanities
Language Education (ESL)
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Elder Literacy Initiative
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Burgen Young
Lisa Vogl
Missy Staloch
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