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Argumentative Writing: Are Social Networking Sites Good For Our Society?
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This lesson is designed to support English language learners when argumentative writing.  It is prepared using the topic selected by my students, “Are Social Networking Sites Good For Our Society?”  This lesson could easily be adapted to meet other topics of interest.  The lesson begins by reinforcing that when one is argumentative writing, the writer must choose a side and have a reason for choosing it. Then, the lesson evaluates others’ argumentative writing to see what it might look like. Afterward, the students have an opportunity to get comfortable with the argumentative writing topic they will be writing about with support of their peers and the teacher. Ultimately, with other support in place, students will write an argumentative piece to the best of their ability with a goal in mind. 

English Language Arts
Language Education (ESL)
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Lesson Plan
Katie Rojas
Oregon Open Learning
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