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  • NE.LA 7.1.6.O
The Great American Mail Race (GAMR)
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This Lesson Plan was created by Joanna Pruitt as part of the 2020 ESU-NDE Remote Learning Plan Project. Educators worked with coaches to create Lesson Plans as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.The attached Lesson Plan is designed for 7th or 8th grade English Language Arts students. Students will learn not only about how to write friendly letters, but they will also learn about our country in a fun and engaging way. This is a letter-writing challenge that connects students from all around the United States. Students are assigned a state and they must select three schools within that state to write a letter challenge to. The goal is to see who receives the most letters back by the end of the school year and to learn about the state that they sent letters to. 

English Language Arts
Language, Grammar and Vocabulary
Reading Informational Text
Speaking and Listening
U.S. History
Physical Geography
Social Science
Cultural Geography
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Lesson Plan
Joanna Pruitt
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