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The Present Perfect to Discuss Work History
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This lesson is designed to benefit adult learners who are studying at a 6th to 8th grade level. The lesson would be most useful for English Language Learners but could also be useful to native English speakers who are finishing up their formal education. The lesson reviews how to use affirmative and negative present perfect, such as “I have (not) done”. It is assumed that learners have already studied and can recognize the formation of the present perfect, but the grammar will be reviewed briefly. Learners will practice forming the present perfect with vocabulary in the context of work and finding work. They will work in pairs, reading excerpts from job ads and writing present perfect sentences that indicate that they have done that job/task. Finally, learners will practice creating present perfect sentences with relation to their own work experience. This lesson is designed to take 30 minutes.

Career and Technical Education
English Language Arts
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Lauren Sullivan
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