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  • Social Studies (Elementary)
Why communities are important? Arts Integration unit for lower grades
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First and second grade students will study diverse historic characters that have contributed to improve the community they lived in. Students will be guided to reflect on how these characters’ work has changed the world. Students will synthesize learning in writing and create a visual representation of their understanding of the topic. Consequently, they will present it to their classmates to receive and provide feedback to each other. The second part of the unit will incorporate students’ personal perspective about how to improve the community and what they would do to contribute to it. Students will follow same process as in the first part of the unit. They will complete the writing and visual piece to present to their classmates, explain their rationale and receive feedback from peers. During this unit, students will learn how to provide feedback and receive feedback in a respectful way that contributes to the learning environment.

Arts and Humanities
Social Science
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Lesson Plan
Marisol Pastor-Cabrera
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