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The Fish Trade
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The purpose of this lesson, from Science NetLinks, is to examine the interdependence of global trade in the context of the economic and social aspects of fisheries and aquaculture. When studying global interdependence within a science literacy context the purpose is not to promote any particular view of how nations should work together or to suggest what the balance between national interests and global ones should be for the United States or any other nation. Rather, students need to become aware of the growing number of ways in which each nation is part of a larger political, economic, military, environmental, biological, and technological system.

Forestry and Agriculture
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Science Netlinks
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SLASL:  Unsolved Mysteries: What did you really eat last night?
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This unit includes four lessons and two student working days that culminate in students designing an interactive audio and visual display using emaze. The purpose of this visual display is to document their journey throughout the process of becoming familiar with the traceability (and sometimes lack thereof) of beef, produce, and seafood regulations. With their visual displays, they will be able to educate their family, peers, and the public about food consumption choices and provide background knowledge about its origins.

Using inquiry-based reading and reading apprenticeship strategies, students will explore an anchor text as well as two supplemental texts which they will use to develop their own essential and supporting questions to guide their research. AP Environmental students will explore a variety of texts and resources to increase their knowledge and awareness of where our food (seafood, beef, and produce) in the United States originally is located, how it was obtained, and the laws that govern the process behind the scenes.

Life Science
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Lori Zeman
Justin Pierce
Kortney Kavanagh
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