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  • Duty Not to Harm
Moral dimensions and debates in global health
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Lecture slides and related/supporting readings for an introductory course in global health by Dr. Jennifer Infanti (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) . This is one of the first lectures in the course, covering some of the foundations of the field of research and practice we call global health. It briefly introduces some of the key moral questions and dilemmas that global health scholars confront in their work. The main aim of the lecture is to inspire critical reflection.Learning goals:By the end of the lecture, students should be able to reflect critically on:1. Some key moral questions and dilemmas that animate discussions amongst practitioners and scholars of global health2. The concept of ‘care ethics’ in relation to global health3. The ethics of global health research and short-term medical interventions4. The wellsprings of their own interest and motivation in the field 

Health, Medicine and Nursing
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Lecture Notes
Jennifer Infanti
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