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Equity-Minded Course Review Checklist
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A short course review checklist for college-level courses. Building on the OSCQR Rubric and the Peralta Online Equity Rubric, this checklist integrates strategies for Universal Design for Learning, Culturally Responsive Teaching, and Open Pedagogy. It includes Quality indicators for Course Site Design, Assessments, Course Activities and Content, and Course Accessibility. It is intended to support meaningful consultation between subject matter experts and instructional designers. This resource is developed for Open Oregon Educational Resources.

Higher Education
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Teaching/Learning Strategy
Veronica Vold
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My Identity Cause & Effect (Why Am I Who I Am?)
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 This lesson is designed for a 90-minute period at the high school level for a dual language Heritage or Spanish Language Arts class. However, it could easily be divided into sections or modified for middle school students or advanced Spanish world language students. In this lesson, students explore how identity is formed through various life influences and analyze the cause/effect relationship between their personal identity and significant influences in their lives. Students will explore the topic through the RadioAmbulante podcast “Sisters” and the painting “Las dos Fridas” by Frida Khalo. Students will practice metalinguistic awareness and develop their translanguaging skills through explicit instruction on the use of transitional phrases related to cause and effect in English and Spanish. Then students will use these phrases to engage in conversations with their peers to discuss how the different influences in their lives have shaped their identities. Finally, students will produce a written summary of the relationship between the primary influences in their lives and the primary characteristics of their identities. 

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English Language Arts
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Lesson Plan
Monique Aguilar-Weaver
Oregon Open Learning
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