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Achieving Success and Happiness in College: 5 Ways to Make it Work
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ACHIEVING SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS IN COLLEGE is designed to help students to be successful in college. This includes students who plan to enter a college or university, as well as those who are currently enrolled and want to make the most of it! This book provides insights to help students understand college life and strategies to address the most pressing issues—the personal challenges, social pressures, and academic demands. It includes thought-provoking quotes, humor, honesty, and techniques for becoming an effective learner as well as a leader.

ACHIEVING SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS IN COLLEGE describes how to play an active role in creating learning opportunities that are both meaningful and inspiring, which can help students down the path to a happy, productive, and personally rewarding college experience. Additionally, this book will be of significant interest to professionals who help students achieve success from an academic, social, and health perspective. Family members will see it as a valuable resource for their college-bound children.

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