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Essential (non medical) Workers and CoVid19
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Since the CoVID19 pandemic, essential workers have been impacted beyond that of others in the labor force.  Statistics on nonmedical essential workers and how CoVid19 affects their health and livelihood are lacking. No centralized reporting exists and corporations do not either collect or provide this data. This OER attempts to bring together various sources information from March-July 2020 for future research. This material is a compilation of original sources of varying restrictions to be used for educational purposes, so I have chosen the CC BY NC ND license.

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Jill Stahl
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Online training programme for the promotion of youth participation at the local level in civic projects
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The online training programme for activities and specialized educators aimed at introducing how to use the methodology and tools developed under the project : It targets youth activists and specialized educators who want to involve youth people in civic participation projects, with the goal of training more youth activists and educators.

You will find a Guide for the promotion of youth civic participation at the local level: this guide has different objectives, first of all to involve youth at risk and keep them involved, then to diagnose the needs of local communities, and finally to understand and cooperate with the local institutional context.

And a training programme for YOUNG PEOPLE involved in civic participation projects: the program targets youth-at-risk and contains lesson plans and related materials that youth activists and educators can use to train and guide youth-at-risk involved in local change projects.

This training is doable online with quiz to assess the progress of each students.
It is free.

YOUC project for Promoting Youth Participation in Local Communities is aimed at young activists, youth workers, educators and organizations who want to promote the empowerment, initiative and civic participation of young people at risk of marginalization.

The project is based on a methodology and a set of tools to promote youth participation and active citizenship at the local level of young people in difficulty supported by groups of young activists and volunteers, as well as educators from associations in each partner country.

YOUC project supports the capacity building of youth leaders and educators by providing them with an effective methodology and tools to reach marginalized youth and involve them in local civic participation. For the same reason, the project focuses on the horizontal management of the professional development of youth workers.

YOUC aims to:
• Promote the activation of NEETs
• Improve the level of key competences and skills of young people, in particular the European key competence social and civic responsibility
• Promote the participation of young people in civil society
• Promote inclusion and solidarity

The European Commission’s support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents, which reflect the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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CDE Petra Patrimonia
Magenta Consultoria
Social Innovation Center
Viva Femina
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What Is Your Role Online?
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In this lesson, students will define their dominant roles online, explain the benefits of each type of online role and discuss the responsibilities and risks inherent in each type of online interaction. This lesson is part of a media unit curated at our Digital Citizenship website entitled "Who Am I Online?"

Educational Technology
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Lesson Plan
Beth Clothier
Angela Anderson
Dana John
John Sadzewicz
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