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  • 6.RP.A.1 Ratios and Ratio Language
6.RP.A.1 Lesson 1
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In this lesson, students use collections of objects to make sense of and use ratio language. Students see that there are several different ways to describe a situation using ratio language. For example, if we have 12 squares and 4 circles, we can say the ratio of squares to circles is 12:4 and the ratio of circles to squares is 4 to 12. We may also see a structure that prompts us to regroup them and say that there are 6 squares for every 2 circles, or 3 squares for every one circle (MP7).Expressing associations of quantities in a context—as students will be doing in this lesson—requires students to use ratio language with care (MP6). Making groups of physical objects that correspond with “for every” language is a concrete way for students to make sense of the problem (MP1).

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Angela Vanderbloom
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