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Student Online Learning: Advanced Research
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SOL:AR is designed to create a comprehensive and cohesive approach to HDR training for UNE students. Resources throughout the modules come from Research Services, UNE Library, the Academic Skills Office, and Technology and Digital Services (TDS).

The information and resources provided are introductory and suitable for all HDR students. Where applicable, links have been provided to more detailed information and there is an associated workbook with activities to complete.

SOL:AR consists of 15 modules, covering a number of different topics aimed at helping you navigate the research and writing components of your HDR journey.

While SOL:AR has been designed in chronological order and the modules build upon each other, you can dive in and out of the modules as you need them. And, of course, you're welcome to go back to review them at any time.

SOL:AR was developed by the University of New England from content initially developed by Queensland University of Technology through AIRS. Their contribution is gratefully acknowledged.

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