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IS 278 Syllabus: Networks
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Bonaventure, O., Computer Networking: Principles, Protocols and Practice, Release 0.25, Saylor Foundation, 2011.

Dordal, P., An Introduction to Computer Networks, Release 1.9.16, 2019.

Course description: A comprehensive examination of how computers can be linked together to share resources and information. Emphasis will be given to understanding packet switched networks and how they enable contemporary enterprises. Topics include network hardware, software and protocols. Prerequisites: CS13X or CS161 (or concurrent).

Learning Outcomes:
After completing this course:
Students will have practical experience using protocols to enable communication between computing devices connected to each other,
Students will have configured an IT infrastructure solution for a small organization, including a network based on standard technology components, servers, security devices, and several different types of computing clients,
Students will apply core concepts underlying IP networks to solve simple network design problems, including IP subnetting.

Computer Science
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Thaddeus Shannon
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