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Bridge the Distance: An Oral History of COVID-19 in Poems
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During the early days of quarantine, many teachers turned to poetry to process their experiences. Teacher-Poets Writing to Bridge the Distance: An Oral History of COVID-19 preserves this poetry and teachers' experiences as they navigated a new reality in education.

English Language Arts
Reading Literature
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Open OKState
Abigail M. Woods
Alex Berkley
Allison Berryhill
Andy Schoenborn
Anna J. Small-Roseboro
Ashley Valencia-Pate
Barbara Edler
Betsy Jones
Carolina Lopez
Denise Hill
Denise Krebs
Donetta Norris
Emily Yamasaki
Gayle Sands
Glenda Funk
Jamie Langley
Jennifer Guyor-Jowett
Jennifer Sykes
Kate Currie
Katrina Morrison
Kimberly Johnson
Laura Langley
Linda Mitchell
Margaret Simon
Maureen Ingram
Melissa Ali
Mo Daley
Monica Schwafaty
Sarah Donovan
Scott McCloskey
Seana Wright
Shaun Ingalls
Stacey Joy
Stefani Boutelier
Susan Ahlbrand
Susie Morice
Tammi Belko
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SI 521 - Special Topics: Open Educational Resources and the University of Michigan
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This course is no longer taught at the U-M School of Information. These materials are from an older iteration of the course.

This course introduces students to the ideas and practices surrounding teaching, learning and research at a world class research university like the University of Michigan, and the emerging role in these practices of Open Educational Resources, including open content such as opencourseware, open access initiatives, open publishing of research and learning materials as found in open journals, databases and e-prints, open textbooks, related open software efforts such as open learning systems, and emerging open teaching experiments. The course will ground the students in how teaching, learning and research is done at the university level, and then survey relevant OER efforts, looking at their history, development, potential futures, and the underlying motivations for their progressive adoption by various members of the community of scholars. more...

This course uses an open textbook Open Educational Resources at the University of Michigan. The articles in the open textbook (wikibook) were written by the School of Information Graduate students in the class.

Information Science
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Full Course
University of Michigan
Ashleigh Donaldson
Beth Ziobro
Bobby Glushko
Bryan Birchmeier
Elaine Engstrom
Eric Hansen
Heather Alderfer
Jessica Thudium
Johmarx Patton
Joseph Hardin
Josh Ohlendorf
Katherine Marshall
Kathleen Ludewig
Kim Hoff
Lisa Bankey
Mark Fleszar
Mike Kargela
Samantha Bigger
Scott Berkley
Tom Hayden
Travis August
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