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Witchcraft Trial Transcript Analysis: Discourse and Culture
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In this short unit, students choose and analyze a primary source document, specifically the transcript of a witchcraft trial from the 17th or 18th centuries. Students annotate and analyze their document, drawing larger inferences about religion, gender, justice ad the law, superstition, sexuality, and anything else that comes up in their analysis. Students will also grapple with complex and archaic language and vocabulary in order to understand a world that is separated by time, and yet in some ways similar to our own.

The unit culminates in students handing in/displaying their annotated transcript and presenting to the class, in a medium of their choice, their inferences, deep learning, and understanding of at least one person mentioned in the primary source.

Designed for older students with strong literacy skills and previous experience with annotation, this unit can also be scaffolded/differentiated for a range of ages and abilities.

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Sarah Birgé
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