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This book was written by undergraduate students at The Ohio State University (OSU) who were enrolled in the class Introduction to Environmental Science. The chapters describe some of Earth's major environmental challenges and discuss ways that humans are using cutting-edge science and engineering to provide sustainable solutions to these problems.

Environmental Science
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The Ohio State University
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Allyson E. Loparo
Alyssa M. Jones,
Alyssa M. Zearly
Amanda L. Varcho
Andrew T. Wood
Benjamin W. Schumann
Brandon S. Wator
Brian H. Lower
Brittany L. Sulainis
Cain W. Crouse
Chayli T. Buenger
Chris Ebersole
Emily C. Mills
Jace A. Ball
Jaymes T. StClair
Jeremie E. Beaverstock
John A. Zagar
Kelly E. Peterson
Kylienne A. Clark
Lee Seitz
Levi J. Cramer
Lydia F. Bednarski
Mason F. Ye
Rika L. Bailey
Samantha K. Runser
Sydney R. Morrison
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Wyatt T. Susich
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