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ENGL101 Snapshot: Looking At Your Potential Major and Career
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This First Year Writing assignment builds on narrative skills and introduces students to informational and argumentative writing using minimal primary and secondary research as well as drawing on elements on visual rhetoric.

So far this semester you have reflected on the potential career(s) you are interested in and why you are in college. Now you are going to widen your scope to learn about the major disciplines of humanities, physical sciences, and social sciences that liberal arts courses make up and build on that knowledge to take a look at your possible major and career more specifically. It is important when thinking about a major to understand what job options that field of study can lead to and understand what courses are required. When thinking about a career it is useful to learn what types of positions exist, what skills are needed, and what those job positions are like on a daily basis. It is also equally important to remember that in college a major is not equal to a specific career. This project gives you the chance to explore all of that.

Composition and Rhetoric
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Nicole Williams
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Open at the Margins: Critical Perspectives on Open Education
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This book represents a starting point towards curating and centering marginal voices and non-dominant epistemic stances in open education. It includes the work of 43 diverse authors whose perspectives challenge the dominant hegemony.

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Adele Vrana
Amy Collier
and Audrey Watters
Autumm Caines
Billy Meinke-Lau
Bonnie Stewart
Caroline Kuhn H.
Catherine Cronin
Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams
Chris Bourg
Chris Gilliard
Christian Friedrich
Christina Hendricks
Jaime Marsh
Javiera Atenas
Jesse Stommel
Jess Mitchell
Jim Luke
Judith Pete
Karen Cangialosi
Laura Czerniewicz
Lorna M. Campbell
Maha Bali
Matthew Moore
Naomi Barnes
Nicole Allen
Paul Prinsloo
Rachel Jurinich Mattson
Rajiv Jhangiani
Robin DeRosa
Samantha Streamer Veneruso
Sarah Hare
sava saheli singh
Sherri Spelic
Siko Bouterse
Simon Ensor
Sukaina Walji
Suzan Koseoglu
Tannis Morgan
Tara Robertson
Taskeen Adam
Tel Amiel
Tutaleni Asino
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