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  • Lori DuPontJoanne Foley and Annette Gagliardi
Raising Children with Roots, Rights, & Responsibilities: Celebrating the Convention on the Rights of the Child
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This curriculum grew out of the Circle For The Child Project which was started by the authors in 1995 as a grass roots effort to promote the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child through education and political action. This Minnesota-based project joins a worldwide effort seeking to ensure human rights for all. Raising Children With Roots, Rights & Responsibilities is designed for two-hour sessions. The curriculum can be adapted to any setting where families gather to learn. Such groups as Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE), parenting classes, child care centers, family child care homes, faith communities, YMCA/YWCA programs, Scouts/campfire groups, neighborhood and play groups, community schools, after school programs, and home schoolers can use this curriculum. This curriculum is best suited for children ages three to six, their parents and educators.

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University of Minnesota Human Rights Resources Center
Lori DuPontJoanne Foley and Annette Gagliardi
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