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WR 121—Academic Composition, Schedule and Readings
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WR 121 focuses on rhetorical reading, thinking, and writing as a means of inquiry. Students will gain fluency with key rhetorical concepts and utilize these in a flexible and collaborative writing process, reflecting on their writing process with the goal of developing metacognitive awareness. They will employ conventions, including formal citations, appropriate for a given writing task, attending to the constraints of audience, purpose, genre, and discourse community. Students will compose in two or more genres. They will produce 3000-3500 words of revised, final draft copy or an appropriate multimodal analog for this amount of text. If the focus is primarily multimodal, students will produce at least one essay that integrates research and demonstrates an understanding of the role of an assertive thesis in an academic essay of at least 1000 words.

Composition and Rhetoric
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Jennifer Forbess
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