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30 Hour OSHA General Industry Safety Certification Program Geared Towards Advanced Energy Manufacturing
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The following course was created by Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC), through seed funding from theCAAT, to train workers for entry level positions in the advanced energy manufacturing industry. The course is designed around OSHA's "Standards for General Industry" and if taught by an authorized General Industry Outreach Training Program Instructor, students should receive an OSHA General Industry 30-hour Safety certification. Instructional materials include PowerPoint presentations, instructor notes, OSHA instructor and student manuals (handouts/assignments), and lesson objectives. All lessons are intended to be taught through PowerPoint presentations with guidance from the included lesson objectives and notes for instructors. The included PowerPoints are original OSHA presentations modified by GRCC and originals created by GRCC. The lesson topics are: Introduction to OSHA Safety and Health Programs, Hazard Mapping, Personal Protective Equipment, Exit Routes and Emergency Action Plans, Fire Protection and Prevention, Electrical Hazards, Ergonomics and Manual Material Handling, Walking and Working Surfaces, Industrial Hygiene, Flammable and Combustible Liquids Hazard CommunicationExit Routes and Emergency Action Plans, Fire Protection and Prevention, First Aid and CPR, Hand and Power Tool Safety, Machine Guarding, and Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tag-out).For more information on the course visit https://learning.grcc.edu/ec2k/CourseListing.asp?master_id=777&course_area=CEMF&course_number=102&course_subtitle=00.

Automotive Technology and Repair
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Center for Automotive Technology - Macomb
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Center for Advanced Automotive Technology
Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC)
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