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  • Emily Stewart
Voices of Virginia: an Auditory Primary Source Reader
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Voices of Virginia pulls together stories from oral history collections from across decades and archives to create an all-audio source companion for Virginia’s high school and college students. The "album" is only two hours long, but contains dozens of short oral histories from eyewitnesses to key moments in American history, from the end of the Civil War to the 1980s. The excerpts are downloadable, accessible by smartphone, and accompanied by a transcript. Audio clips are also available on Soundcloud. You’ll also find a brief introduction to each narrator, historical context adapted from experts at Encyclopedia Virginia, American Yawp, and Public Domain sources, and helpful classroom tools like discussion questions, activities, and lesson plans that fit into both the Virginia high school and college U.S. History curriculum. By following the larger national story with narratives from across the Commonwealth, Voices of Virginia grounds students in how history guides and is guided by everyday people and their experiences.

This material is aligned to the History and Social Science Standards for Virginia Public Schools - March 2015.

The collection was curated by Jessica Taylor, Ph.D. with Emily Stewart.

Feedback regarding this collection is welcome at https://bit.ly/VoicesOfVirginia

U.S. History
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