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  • Cindy Trussell
When Drug Sales and Science Collide
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When "Jeff," a fictionalized drug representative, is placed on the Vioxx® account in 2001, he finds himself pulled between sales and science as he struggles to reconcile three original documents: a Merck marketing pamphlet, a graph from a scientific journal, and a confidential internal bulletin. As students work through the case, they must interpret scientific data, consider ethical issues related to the pharmaceutical industry, and learn why Vioxx, a wonder drug, was taken off the market. This interrupted case is appropriate for advanced high school students and first-year college science majors and non-majors.

Health, Medicine and Nursing
Life Science
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Case Study
National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science
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Case Study Collection
Cindy Trussell
Elizabeth R. McCain
Karin Grimnes
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