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Toolkits and eReader Tutorial
Of special importance is this video tutorial for students on how to study from OER materials: Reading on Electronic Devices: A Tutorial (Bonilla 2016).
There are three toolkits: toolkit 1offers relevant materials and resources on:
What is OER? What is an open textbook?
A Bibliography of case studies, user stories, and peer-reviewed articles on adopting OER textbooks and materials
A list of resources for finding OER textbooks and materials
Recommendations on how to advocate for OER adoption to particular audiences (faculty, deans, presidents, and other stakeholders)
Toolkit 2:offers relevant materials and resources on:
Crafting faculty development workshops
Demonstrating faculty use of OER textbooks
Tutorials on finding OER materials once faculty have been identified
Tutorials on student use of OER textbooks
Information on ADA compliance
How to peer review OER materials
Identifying best practices to facilitate OER textbook adoption, implementation, and use
Creating a sustainable OER adoption plan
Toolkit 3: offers relevant materials and resources on:
Offers videos of user stories by faculty who have adopted, implemented, and used OER textbooks
This toolkit also contains ADA compliance reviews of all textbooks that have been reviewed on COOL4Ed

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British Columbia Open Textbook Project
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This page is an adaption of Lansing Community College (LCC) Library Research Guide on Open Educational Resources (OER) by Regina Gong is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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