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Mechanics Map Open Mechanics Textbook
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Open textbook in statics and dynamics for engineering undergraduates. Covers particles and rigid bodies (extended bodies), structures (trusses), simple machines, kinematics, and kinetics, as well as introductory vibrations. Includes text, videos, images, and worked examples (written and video).

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Adaptive Map Digital Textbook Project
Agnes d'Entremont
Douglas Miller
Jacob Moore
Joan Kowalski
Majod Chatsaz
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Pathology Case Study: A 6 year old girl with left parietal lob tumor
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(This case study was added to OER Commons as one of a batch of over 700. It has relevant information which may include medical imagery, lab results, and history where relevant. A link to the final diagnosis can be found at the end of the case study for review. The first paragraph of the case study -- typically, but not always the clinical presentation -- is provided below.)

A 6 year old girl from Medellin, Colombia, South America, presented with twenty-five days of left-sided headache, vomiting, and episodes of syncope lasting roughly five seconds. The patient had no other medical history of significance. She had no café au lait spots, and no other tumors or masses in other body sites. Neurological examination revealed no focal deficits. An MRI scan showed a large intra-axial left parietal lobe mass with significant surrounding edema. The mass did not appear to originate from the dura; it did reach or breach the pia on the parietal convexity, and medially close to the falx. The falx was pushed by the mass effect of the tumor and was clearly separate from it. (Fig 1). A surgical excision was done in Colombia, and a tentative diagnosis made. The slides and selected blocks were sent to the University of Missouri for consultation. Since the time of surgery, the patient has been treated with radiation (thirty treatments) and has done extremely well. Neurologically she is almost completely normal, and her mother reports that the patient is asymptomatic and leading a normal life attending school.

Health, Medicine and Nursing
Life Science
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Case Study
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
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Department of Pathology
Douglas C. Miller
Gustavo Matute Turizo
Jamie L. Odem
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