Syllables - Adult ESOL Phonics

This is a series of activities and games to teach about syllables decoding multi-syllable words.  The lessons are designed for Adult English Learners at a low literacy level, but could easily be adapted for K-12 ESOL settings as well.  

You will need to:

Download and print the attached Activity Descriptions

Download and print the attached Multisyllable Word List

Additional resources are available at  This is a sample unit from the book abc English: Book Two, a curriculum designed specifically for adult refugees and immigrants who are not literate in their native language.  This unit is made available as a free and open resource to teachers and tutors.

Lesson Preview (Download and print the files below for descriptions of each activity):

Syllable Games and Activities:

E.1 - Syllable Name Game

E.2 - Clap and Count Syllables

E.3 - Circle the Syllable

E.4 - Cut the Syllables

E.5 - Nonsense Words Post-it Note Game

E.6 - Slideshow - Missing Syllable

E.7 - Four Corners Game

Download: SyllablesActivities.pdf

Download: multisyllablewordlist.pdf

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