Games "how", "how many", "how much" etc. - Literacy Level Adult ESOL

This is a series of activities and games for Adult ESL low level Literacy students that introduce and practice "how" question words:  how, how many, how much, how old, and how long. 

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Additional resources are available at  This is a sample unit from the book abc English: Book One, a curriculum designed specifically for adult refugees and immigrants who are not literate in their native language.  This unit is made available as a free and open resource to teachers and tutors.

Lesson Preview (Download and print the files below for descriptions of each activity):

22. Question Word - how

Introduction - five how questions

Game - Look, Remember, Write

Role Play - Greeting Friends

Choral Reading, Review and Recall, Individual/Pair Reading

23.  Question Word - how many

Game - A Bag of Beans

Game - Ten Fingers

Slideshow - Fill in the Chart

Slideshow - Family Photos

24.  Question Word - how much

Review - Counting Money

Introduce - How Many vs. How Much

Slideshow - Yard Sale

Game - How Much is the Rent?

Demonstration - How Much is the Car?

25.  Question Word - how long

Vocabulary - Long vs. Short

Stick Figure Story

Line-up Game

Interview Visitors

26.  Question Word - how old

Slideshow - How old?

Sit Down Game

Line-up Game

Activity - Family Photos

Stick Figure Story


Download: HowLessons.pdf

Download: HowReadingPages.pdf

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