Alphabet Sounds - Literacy Level Adult ESOL

These materials were created for adult English learners who are not literate in their native language.  The materials would also be useful for learners who know other written alphabets or writing systems (Russian, Chinese, Arabic, etc.) but are learning the English alphabet for the first time. 

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abc Chart

abc Wall Chart

abc Flashcards 

Simple games to use with abc resources: 

1. Wall Chart Chant - Post the alphabet chart along a wall or above the board in your classroom.  Point to the wall chart while chanting the alphabet names.  Also teach the alphabet sounds and corresponding picture words.  Say an alphabet sound and have the students point to the appropriate letter on the chart.  

2.  abc Chart Pointing Game - Print out an abc Chart for each student.  Have students point to the letters in order while the class chants the letter names.  Practice the alphabet again, this time using the alphabet sounds.  Dictate sounds in random order, and have students use their finger or the eraser end of a pencil to point to the correct letter on the chart.  

3.  abc Flashcard Game - Teach students a simple flashcard game to play in pairs.  Demonstrate laying 9 flashcards out on the table.  Either side may be facing up.  One student gives the other student simple directions until all of the cards are picked up:  "Habiba, get /h/.  Get /j/.  Get /b/.  Get /k/.  Get /r/."  etc.  Then have the pair of students lay out 9 new cards and switch roles.  

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