The Argu


Watch: Exploring Research Topics

Discussion Assignment: Use this document as a springboard for discussion on topics affecting students' lives today. This could be a live discussion, a discussion board assignment, or a writing assignment:

Discuss: It IS the best of times, It IS the worst of times

Watch: "Is Technology Wiring Teens to Have Different Brains?"

Read: "The Two Realms of Curriculum"

Respond:Journal Assignment


Watch: Choosing a Research Topic presentation

Note to Teachers: The assignment below asks students to access the SIRS Issues Researcher to explore research topics. The state of Utah (and other states, I assume) subscribes to this resource and provides educators with a username and password. This assignment could be modified by offering students an alternate resource to explore for topics. 

Assignment: Choose and Narrow your Research Topic



Read:"The Possibilities of Online Learning" by Gary Stager

Watch: Summary Presentation

Watch: Paraphrasing Presentation

Watch: In-Text Citations

Assignment: Summarizing/Paraphrasing/Citing Sources Assignment


Watch: Introduction to the Annotated Bibliography in MLA Format

Resource:The Annotated Bibliography

Watch: 30 Rock Wikipedia

Assignment: Find a Book, Specialized Encyclopedia, or Government Document

Read: "The Difference between a Magazine and a Journal"

Assignment:Find Two Scholarly Journal Articles

Resource: Evaluating Websites

Assignment: Find a Credible Website

Assignment:Find a Newspaper Article

Assignment: The Annotated Bibliography

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