Air: Design a Parachute for a Lego Person (view)

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Original Author:  Jessica Redcay
Inquiry-based, Productive Struggle, Persisitence, Interactive
PA.SCI.3.2.1.B1, PA.SCI.3.2.4.B1, PA.SCI.3.2.7.B1, PA.SCI.3.2.P.B6, PA.Math.CC.2.4.2.A.1, PA.SCI.3.2.4.B7
Stage 1- Desired Results Big Ideas
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This STEM challenge can be used during an air unit. Students work together in groups to create a parachute for a lego person. Students are able to find ways to best maximize air resistance. The students need to find the best way to increase the time that the lego person stays in the air when dropped from the second floor to the first floor.