Learning Grammar and Vocabulary using GVScapes (view)

Units included with this Open Author resource:

Unit 1: Introduction
Language Learning, Augmented Reality
Unit 2: Why GVScapes?
Unit 3: The Scope of GVScapes
Unit 4: Digital Scavenger Hunt
Unit 5: The Interface and activities
Unit 6: Pedagogical Implications
Unit 7: Conclusion


The current challenges in the English language classrooms are students’ lack of interest in conventional teaching and learning activities as well as limited attention span during lessons. In view of this, the gamification element is injected inside the classroom by utilising a creative approach to the existing conventional scavenger hunt game. The implementation of an android application with AR capability allows the students to play educational quizzes. The two-fold objectives of this project included: (1) developing an android-based fun quiz application with AR technology which was location-based so students could experience interactive learning environment; and (2) investigating the implementation of this mobile application during English lessons.