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This resource is a Hands-On course to teach Apps Development to students who may not have any programming knowledge. This course has no pre-requisites. It’s time to add the 4th R – Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic and algoRithmic thinking. In a world where the majority of new jobs require science, technology and math skills, it is time our Liberal Arts majors get IT (Information Technology)! While employers recognize and value the importance of liberal education and the liberal arts, they also want liberal arts graduates who are not digitally challenged. Many employers report a “skills gap” as they have trouble finding recent graduates qualified with ample digital skills to fill various positions. Meanwhile, a national educational movement in computer coding instruction is growing at lightning speeds in schools across the US and many consider coding more like a basic life skill (which might someday lead to a great job) rather than an extracurricular activity. App Inventor (AI) serves to narrow this skills gap and increase the versatility of students to become active creators of technology and “digitally” ready for the workplace rather than just being passive consumers of technology. Sales of hand-held devices (smartphones, tablets and phablets) are exploding. These on-line, social, and increasingly mobile computing devices are ubiquitous and offer visual, tactile and personal experiences as never before. Mobile devices in our education landscape are digital and portable - with multimedia capabilities to access the Internet, and are drastically changing the ways we teach and learn. Developing applications for such devices enables digital natives to experience mobile technology as active creators rather than just passive consumers of technology.
Learning Goals
Learn Apps Development
Learn Digital Skills (essential for a Liberal Arts major)
Computer Science
Community College / Lower Division, College / Upper Division
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Activity/Lab, Assessment, Homework/Assignment, Lecture Notes, Primary Source
Fairleigh Dickinson University
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