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Home Town Map

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Home Town Map
(art + social studies)
As basic as it seems, young children need to be taught to be observant and aware of their surroundings. This lesson plan helps children in grades K–3 pay more attention to the world around them as they travel back and forth between their homes and their schools. As they create maps of their route, they’ll learn about distance, signs, symbols, landmarks and other things that will reinforce the quickest — and safest — way for them to get to school and back home again. As their classroom teacher or art teacher, you can help your students identify familiar landmarks and create images that reinforce what they already know about their daily journey.

Older students can build more details into their maps, such as weather maps or treasure maps, as well as more complex legends, keys and measurements. Whatever the age of your students, you can help them make this exercise fun!

Both groups of students can take advantage of free city maps and state maps provided by the Department of Transportation and state agencies. Phone books also often include city maps and historical maps. Students will learn that map-making and map-reading can be fun as they trace rivers, parks and the world outside their home and school.

Grade Levels K-6

Note: instructions and materials based on a class of 25 students. Adjust as needed.
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Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2
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