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Art Club

By: Elizabeth Griggs - University of Nebraska-Lincoln Copyright 2018 by Elizabeth Griggs under Creative Commons Non-commercial License. Individuals and organizations may copy, reproduce, distribute, and perform this work and alter or remix this work for non-commercial purposes only


Name of Club: Art Club 

Age/Grade Level: K-5 

Number of Attendees: (ideal number) 10 

Goal of the Club: (learning objectives/outcomes) The goal of this art club is to introduce students to various painting techniques. 

Resources: (Information for club provided by) Information for my club was obtained from my previous experience at an art studio. 

Content Areas: (check all that apply) 

  • ☒ Arts (Visual, Music, Theater & Performance) 
  • ☐ Literacy 
  • ☐ STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) 
  • ☐ Social Studies 
  • ☐ Wellness (Physical Education, Health, Nutrition & Character Education) 

Outputs or final products: (Does the club have a final product/project to showcase to community?) The final products included many paintings, including a grass landscape, watercolor paintings, an abstract piece and a Halloween inspired piece created by the attendees. 

Introducing your Club/Activities: This club is designed for those students who enjoy being creative and learning various painting techniques. 

General Directions: Have fun and allow students to use their creativity to paint works of art. Be flexible as students will put their own spin on the planned projects. 

Tips/Tricks: Students enjoyed having free time to paint whatever they wanted. It is most successful when few instructions were given, and students got to decide what to add to the paintings. It is recommended that the club is carried out by two or more leaders. 


Lesson Activity Name #1: Paper bag pumpkins

Length of Activity: 2 hours 


  • Brown paper bags
  • Orange & black paint
  • Googly eyes
  • Yarn 

Directions: Students begin by painting their paper sac orange, so that it looks like a pumpkin. After allowing paint to dry, students paint, draw or add googly eyes in order to create a Jack-O-Lantern design on the bag. 

Conclusion of the activity: The pumpkins are stuffed and tied at the top to make the pumpkin stand on its own and appear to have a stem. 

Paper Bag Pumpkin Patch
paper-bag-pumpkin-patch.jpgPaper Bag Pumpkin Patch

Paper Bag Pumpkin Patch

Lesson Activity Name #2: Mondrian Work of Art

Length of Activity: 1 hour 


  • Paper
  • Rulers
  • Pencils
  • Black, red, yellow & blue paint or colored pencils 

Directions: Students are to draw various straight lines on their paper in order to split the paper into geometric shapes. Students can make as few or as many lines that they want. The straight lines get painted black. Once the black lines dry, students could choose to paint all or just a few of the shapes using primary colors. Students can choose to use colored pencils if they prefer. 

Conclusion of the activity: Once the shapes were painted in, paintings are allowed to dry and taken home. 

Example of Mondrian Art
ArtClub1.jpegExample of Mondrian Art

Example of Mondrian Art

Lesson Activity Name #3: Grass Landscape

Length of Activity: 1.5 hours 


  • Paper
  • Tempera paint
  • Watercolors
  • Paintbrushes 

Directions: Students are to be walked through how to paint a landscape. Students begin by painting grass, sky and clouds. Students can mix colors in order to make the appropriate colors for their landscape. Once the landscape dries, students are free to add anything into the scene. Examples include houses, trees or animals. 

Conclusion of the activity: Once the painting dries completely, the landscape is taken home. 

Lesson Activity Name #4: Free painting

Length of Activity: 2 hours 


  • Paper
  • Paint brushes
  • Tempera paint
  • Watercolors (ensure enough supplies per child in order for students to experiment with different mediums) 

Directions: Students are given free time to be creative and paint whatever they want. No specific directions are given as to not limit students’ creativity. 

Conclusion of the activity: Once dry, the paintings are taken home. 

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