Baby Simulation Alternative Assignments

Lesson Topic:

RealCare Baby Alternative Assignments

Lesson Description:

3 different projects for the traditional baby simulation.

Learning Goals/Outcomes:

1. Demonstrate the roles and responsibilities of parenting

2. Evaluate basic infant care.

3. Describe the challenges of (teen) parenting.

Nebraska Standards:

HSE.HS.1.10 (umbrella) Analyze roles and responsibilities of parenting.

Teacher Planning:

Equipment/Materials Needed:


Time Required for Lesson:

Same as/adapted for duration of the traditional baby project

Lab Set-up:


Technology Use:

__x__ YES               _____NO

Instructional Plan:

Anticipatory Set/Pre-Activity:


Benefits/Explanation/Career Readiness Standards:

2. Communicates effectively and appropriately

4. Makes sense of problems and perseveres in solving them

5. Uses critical thinking

6. Demonstrates innovation and creativity

9. Utilizes technology

Activities (i.e. instructions, lesson, lab or project):

Download: Oh_Baby_Alternative_Relationships.pdf

Download: Oh_Baby_Alternative_CD.pdf

Download: Co-Parenting_in_Real_Life.pdf


Assessment :


Download: FCS_Umbrella_Rubric.pdf

Supplemental Information:


As needed.

Safety Precautions:


Comments (adaptations for various grades/ages, teaching styles, etc.)

I have students in two different classes, with completely different teaching intentions take the RealCare babies home. Child Development students take the babies home from a Wednesday to Tuesday. Family Relationships students take the baby 2 nights (varies with schedules). In both cases, there are alternative assignments that offer similar time spent out of the classroom with the same learning intentions. When a student requests an alternative, I give them the SAME exact project timeline as if they were taking the baby home. 

I have started doing Co-Parenting in Family Relationships and the kids LOVE it! Although not technically an alternative assignment, it is a different approach to the project. 

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